Timber Screening Perth


Stylish Privacy Screening

Planning to install a barbeque in your yard to have some good times with your friends and family? Well, if you look back, you will find that something is missing. Well, that is your privacy and this can be done beautifully using a timber screen design. There are various designs that you can choose from as per your demand. These timber screens will add a stylish appearance and they will provide much-needed privacy.

We know you are thinking about all the hassles and everything about the timber screen. Don’t worry as our experts are here to provide you with all the necessary details about the timber screens for your home. We will give you the ideas according to your house theme and the place where you need to install them. Be it timber screen doors or just a fence, it will give your house an exquisite appearance.

Types of Timber Screening

Once you’ve decided on the theme and design you need for the screen, it is time to move on to the next step. Now, you have to choose from the types of timber screens available in the market and here mentioned below are all those available

Horizontal Slat Screen

These are often used for gardens and outside areas of your house. They include horizontal strips of timber which will prevent any damage to the plants and provide a modern flair to your house. It will serve you as a unique design for your garden ideas.

Vertial Slat Screen

Vertical slats are known to fence the pools and other guarding areas. This is because they are tall and stylish which can be used for various purposes. Not only that, but vertical slats will provide a trendy look to your pool area of the house.

Lattice or Trellis Screen

Lattice timber screens are well known to grow vines and they are best if you are looking for something outdoors. As per our experts at the  timber screening Perth store, all you need is just the posts and they can be installed within a few hours. They add to the look of older properties and can be used for various activities.

Maintaining a Timber Screen

We want you to know that wood can be easy to maintain but that doesn’t mean you forget about them after installation. You have to take proper care which doesn’t require much effort and here are some tips –

Refinishing – Whenever you feel like your timber screen doors are turning grey. Give them a pressed cleaning with a cloth and refinish it using high-quality products from our store.

Repair Damage – Be it a small crack or a big one, you have to get it fixed. You can call us at (08) 6117 0989 and our experts will come to your doorstep to repair the damage.

Less Moisture – Make sure you keep the timber away from plants and anything that gives away moisture. For more information, you can always contact our timber screening Perth store for such services.